Claim the current 4.39p tariff for every unit of electricity you generate.



Solar PV 4 kW from £5495 all inc.

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Our entry level solar pv solutions are extremely competitive to ensure you gain maximum return on investment.
Starting from as low as £5295 all-inclusive for a 4kW system, ensuring clients see maximum return on their investment. With the current Feed in Tariff rate you ROI with this solution is in excess of 9%

Even with these solutions we use top tier inverter technology, giving clients the industry leading inverter choice. Coupled with a module type that is of ‘Tier 1’ standard such as Solarworld or LG.

For more information on the feed in tariff and our solar systems, see our residential solar services page.

Premium solar solutions without a premium price tag

We are certified installers for some of the leading module & inverter brands in the solar industry including SolarWorld,  LG & SMA.


SW Certified 2015SMA ADVANCE Installer

Our premium solar options are designed for clients who want to ensure they are investing in the very best solutions in the industry. Perhaps you have a desire for a better looking panel that compliments your rooftop better than standard modules? We have the right solutions here for you.

Clients whom opt for these solutions also benefit from a free home energy audit and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which is required to register them for the highest available FiTs.

With Aniron Renewables this doesn’t mean you pay a heavy price for such a privilege. Our competitive pricing means that we can offer these solutions at a marginal increase from our entry level solutions.

As with all our solar solutions our clients benefit from a 10 year insurance backed warranty and also a generation guarantee giving that extra peace of mind.

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Free Home Energy Certificate & Solar Monitor

For our customer who choose our systems we also include a free Energy Certificate for your home (EPC) and Solar monitor so you can see just how much electricity you are generating.

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Smart Home Energy Management

We offer solutions that help our clients manage their energy consumption in their homes. This can be from implementing a battery solution store excess generated solar energy in the day for night time usage.

The SMA Smart home is something we can install for you.

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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service (see our Facebook reviews here). You will find the experience from our initial contact to system installation, is conducted to very professional and high standard.

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