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15% returns on our Solar PV Residential Systems

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Despite the Feed in Tariff reduction from 14.9p to 14.38p for new installations registered from April 1st 2014, Solar PV is still a very attractive investment opportunity.

Long gone are the days of huge tariff cuts and large variations in prices of systems and as a result the market has benefitted from a sustained period of stability here in the UK. In fact in Europe, the UK is viewed as one of the most attractive solar markets due to this stability and strong governmental policy around it.

As a result Aniron Renewables is able to offer very attractive returns on our solar systems for clients. Typically a 4 kW system can cost £4995 all inclusive and installed, which means our clients benefit from a return in excess of 15%.

We prefer to offer our customers a choice of solutions, whereby we quote prices from two or three different tier one manufacturers. We always emphasise that ultimately solar is an investment that needs to last the test of time and therefore we only work with products that we feel can work optimally over 25 years plus.

Prior to installing solar panels, in order to avail the highest available tariff, our residential customers must obtain a home Energy Performance Certificate with a rating D or higher. Whilst other installation companies charge for this certificate, we prefer to offer this free of charge to clients with every system ordered.

We open a very candid and non-pressure based sales policy and offer all potential clients a free solar survey and proposal for them then to take the time to decide on which installer they would like to choose.

We have a strong footprint of installations in the East Midlands and if you have been considering solar, we would be very happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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