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You can increase your independence from grid electricity

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One of our clients has just become the proud owner of an SMA Flexible Storage System. Using batteries to store the excess solar energy that is generated during the day, this home owner can now benefit from that power during the evening and night time.

We believe this kind of solution will become more mainstream and grid electricity prices continue to rise and the cost of storage couple with solar continues to decrease.

As we are SMA Advance Installer certified Aniron Renewables have the right knowledge to install and integrate this solution.

The SMA solution uses a controller known as the SMA Home Manager which accurately maps the flow of energy in the building and thus activating  battery power when solar power no longer can support the energy loads required.

Balance of Power

The screenshot above was taken at 20:45 in the evening and shows how zero electricity is being drawn from the electricity grid because the stored solar power in the batteries is able to support the load.

For more information on this solution please feel free to get in touch with us or visit SMA.





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