Clients typically pay for electricity at 8-9p / unit once we install solar at no cost on their sites

As a solar host with Aniron Renewables, all you need is a building with rooftop space or free ground area to host a solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system. It can be mounted on your roof or on the ground – anywhere it is able to capture the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity.

We own each solar system. We buy it, design it, construct it and service it, so that you have none of the inconvenience and expense throughout it’s lifetime. All you pay for is the energy you generate. And what is more, this is at a lower tariff (typically around 8-9p) than the locally billed rate for conventionally generated electricity (which has a history of rising unpredictably year on year)

We sign two agreements, a Solar Power Purchase Agreement and also a lease agreement for your rooftop/ground space for the same term.

Solar beats the rest

Considering the alternatives, as a commercial and industrial asset owner you have the potential to achieve major savings through adopting solar generated energy…

Solar PPA / Leasing Model

The PPA/leasing model in the developed markets has become one of the most popular methods enabling power consumers realise the benefits of solar energy.

Aniron Renewables has created a platform that enables such a model in the UK. With finance partners to enable project development and an ecosystem of domestic and international partnerships. Aniron Renewables is ideally positioned to construct viable long-term solar roof top & ground captive solutions.

This model allows Aniron Renewables to build a solar generation system on a client’s property in return for a long-term PPA at a pre-determined rate.

The client saves on annual utility bills from the very first year of operations. The green credentials are also paramount and give clients a strong position in the increasing eco-aware world today.