Alexander Hotels

A luxury collection of boutique, country house hotels and spa hotels near London.

Hotels surrounded by stunning countryside, these privately owned and stylish four and five star hotels comprise of Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa in Sussex, Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa in Kent.

Operation: Alexander House Hotels
Location: Kent & Sussex
Type of roof: Flat membrane
Orientation: South Tilt: 15 degrees
Solarworld kit: 430 Sunmodule Plus 250 mono black, Sunfix framing, SMA inverters Commissioned: February 2012
Capacity: 107.50 kWp
Self consumption: 100%
Power yield per annum: 109,650 kWh
Co2 savings per annum: 57,785kg

Offsetting 1.5 million units

Michael Thomas, group financial controller contacted Aniron Renewables, a certified Solarworld installer to design a system suitable for the hotels. With an average power consumption of 1.5 million units, offsetting this power demand with self-generated solar power was an attractive proposition.

“From the time we sought a quote from Aniron through to selection and paying my deposit the process flowed flawlessly, communication with Aniron was excellent, they helped every step of the way including the preparation of all the documents. The installation went without a hitch. A very professional installation using high quality Solarworld components from Germany. Aniron made sure we were completely satisfied with every bit of the installation before they left.”


Enhanced image as a green hotel

Clearly aesthetics and keeping to the hotels’ distinct character was of absolute priority when specifying a suitable system. Solarworld provide a portfolio of products that include an all-black module which certainly look better on pitched rooftops than traditional poly (blue) modules.

Significant savings

In 2012 the group became one of the first in the UK hospitality industry to embrace solar power. In the initial four years of successful operation, the hotel group has seen system performance exceed all the original yield projections. With many more years of system operation to come, this has been a worthwhile investment for the group.

Performance guarantee

The portfolio of Solarworld products with their strong 25-year performance guarantee and system wide insurance proved to be the perfect match. Solarworld were the only company to offer a complete system that encompassed modules and mounting manufactured from the same source.


Capacity of system


Power yield per annum


Co2 savings per annum

Up to 60% discount
on current grid
electricity prices

We pay and maintain
the solar, you buy
power from 8p / kWh