Energy Storage

Aniron offers a full turnkey solution for solar battery storage that includes analysing your suitability and opportunities, specifying the right solutions and installation.

We have strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest technology brands that help us to deliver industry-leading energy storage solutions and expertise to your business. Batteries can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy with commercial solar PV or as a stand-alone solution that creates an additional income stream by providing a dynamic response service to the grid. A solar battery is intended to be used for commercial energy storage and stores electricity for solar self-consumption, time of use load shifting, backup power, and off-the-grid use.

What is commercial battery storage

 Solar batteries are large energy storage units typically found outside a building that charge up during sunny periods if linked up to a solar PV system, or during the night from the grid if there are low energy demands. The batteries’ Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (DFFR) will monitor and discharge the stored energy. The solar batteries themselves are made up of rechargeable lithium-ion, stored in smaller battery packs within the units.

Storage of excess solar energy

Due to passing clouds and varying weather conditions on a typical day, solar electricity generation will fluctuate frequently during daylight hours. By incorporating solar battery storage, your business can create a controlled output and smooth generation profile by storing green energy above a certain generation (kW) in the battery. This energy can then be released back into your infrastructure at other times when the solar energy generation is not so high.

Load shifting

You may be paying higher rates for your electricity at certain points in the day .Your business can reduce energy costs by charging the battery when energy is cheap – either at night via the grid when tariffs are low and/or during the day with excess solar – and ‘shifting’ this power to periods when energy is expensive.

Peak shaving

Transmission charges from electricity suppliers are an expensive element of your business’ energy bill, with few ways to reduce the costs. Off-setting your peak load demand with energy stored in the battery will flatten your demand at these peak points and ultimately create substantial savings on your energy bill. Reducing your peak consumption will also save money on distribution charges levied by electricity suppliers during these more expensive periods.

External grid services

In addition to the above onsite services, there are ways that battery storage can utilise your company’s grid connection and provide an income to your business. The following services are generally provided through an aggregator. Aniron can partner with you to get the most from these external revenue opportunities:

Frequency response
This is the onsite battery storage ability to quickly supply electricity to, or absorb electricity from, the grid at critical times. This might be in the event of a power station shutdown or the over-supply of electricity from wind during a weekend. Batteries are able to switch quickly to charge or discharge, making them ideal to meet frequency market requirements. The National Grid will make a payment available for these services

DSO services
As flexible energy grows, Distribution Network Operators are slowly rebranding themselves as Distribution System Operators (DSO). They are increasingly looking to procure flexibility to help manage constraint issues and avoid the costs of upgrading the distribution network.
Battery storage, will increasingly form a resource and asset that will enable further revenue opportunities for your business

Is battery storage viable for my business?

The installation of a battery provides many benefits, though the ability to install a battery depends upon both your site’s infrastructure and the ability of the local electricity grid to accommodate it; Aniron will make early enquiries on behalf of your business to ascertain the viability of a battery.
We can give you indicative revenue streams, according to current market conditions and energy prices, and work with you to assess your opinions of where inflation will sit and how you value your network access.

Up to 60% discount
on current grid
electricity prices

We pay and maintain
the solar, you buy
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