Operations & Maintenance

Our experience of installing and maintaining solar arrays means we know systems inside out. We don’t walk away once the system is up and running.  We’re committed to providing a full range of operations and maintenance services for all renewable energy systems.

We are proud of our comprehensive O&M service – one that is chosen by customers and investors across the UK. Green energy maintenance is at the heart of what we do.

Work with us to maximise your generation and maximise the return on your investment – you’ll be in safe hands

Our range of offerings

OPERATIONS: Remote monitoring, remote plant control, site performance reporting and time-tabling panel cleaning.

MAINTENANCE: Fixed price annual packages and inspections and maintenance on; inverters, medium & high voltage switchgear, structure, modules, combiner boxes and cabling.

Online monitoring

All major inverter manufacturers offer online tracking systems. These provide data with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from simple output data (current power, accumulated output etc) to detailed technical information (operating voltages etc).

Monitoring with SolarEdge Portal

SolarEdge has some of the best monitoring technology on the market. Used with SolarEdge inverters, it is a cloud based monitoring platform that provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance. Each panel optimiser has built-in monitoring sensors and transmitters, which transmit data to the inverter – this allows immediate fault detection and alerts at module level, string level and system level. The Portal can be accessed via the web or solar monitoring app and real time monitoring is free for 25 years.

Tracking via SMA Sunny View / Sunny Portal

Comprehensive tracking is available online via the Sunny Portal.

Reporting, dashboards, graphs and exportable data is easily accessible along with exception reporting for any identifiable faults

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