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and generation


Cut your electricity bills
Sell back to the grid
Cut your carbon footprint

The renewable energy market is a highly technical industry – identifying the best strategy to design and implement your initial project idea can be tricky.

Since Aniron formed over a decade ago, we’ve worked on many different types of projects.

Our consultants can use their experience and expertise to find the right solution at the right price for you. Whether the project involves multiple technologies or just solar PV alone, we design your system to suit your business needs. Through the use of desktop and financial feasibility studies, we’re able to dig deep and get a real understanding of your requirements. The result? The right system for you.

Design Phase

Following our consultation our team will help in areas such as grid connection applications, site surveys, and technical designs, enabling a full specified project proposal to be delivered.

Construction Phase

We have a proven track record of installing a wide variety of projects on behalf of our clients. Our experienced construction team completes projects in a timely manner and with minimal disruption. Project construction doesn’t have to interrupt your site’s operations. Our team of highly skilled renewable energy engineers are able to complete construction work effectively without affecting your workflow (all whilst sticking to the project schedule).

Operations and Maintenance Phase

Our installations can be monitored at Client level and by our team providing monitoring and benchmarking analytics once your project is completed, so you can have peace of mind that your system will perform as expected. Pro active exception reporting can help us swiftly identify and respond to any issues, often before the Client is even aware. We never say goodbye once a project is installed. We’re always there to maintain your system’s performance, ensuring that you continue to see the best possible returns over its lifetime.

Up to 60% discount
on current grid
electricity prices

We pay and maintain
the solar, you buy
power from 8p / kWh