Drinkwater Mushrooms

A family run business, that has been producing high quality mushrooms for over 45 years.

Situated in rural north Lancashire, Drinkwater’s Mushrooms Limited was founded by Ken and Barbara Drinkwater in 1969. Now, over forty-five years later it is still a family run and owned company, and continues to produce and supply leading UK supermarkets with quality white mushrooms and also chestnut mushrooms.

Operation: Drinkwater Mushrooms
Location: Lancaster
Type of roof: Rooftop trapezoidal, fibre cement & ground mount
Orientation: Multiple orientations
Tilt: 15-30 degrees
Solarworld kit: Sunmodule Plus, Sunfix framing, SMA inverters
Commissioned: February 2012
Capacity: 450.00 kWp
Self consumption: 100%
Power yield per annum: 405,000 kWh
Co2 savings per annum: 213,435kg

Strength to strength

Kenny Drinkwater has seen his parent’s business go from strength to strength, and is determined to continue to take the company onwards and upwards into the 21st century.

Kenny’s vision of the future of the business is to strengthen the importance of producing good quality local mushrooms, which has always been at the heart of the business.

“In total we have 400 kW of Solar Panels fitted to six different roofs and a 50 kW ground mount. The work was done on time with no problems. And we like the monitoring and reporting system which is interesting and helpful. Anything that we did not understand Aniron was very helpful to explain. We would certainly recommend and use Aniron Renewables again without hesitation.”


Performance guarantee

The portfolio of Solarworld products with their strong 25-year performance guarantee and system wide insurance proved to be the perfect match. Solarworld were the only company to offer a complete system that encompassed modules and mounting manufactured from the same source.

450 kWp

Capacity of system

405,000 kWp

Power yields per annum

213,435 kg

Co2 savings per annum

Up to 60% discount
on current grid
electricity prices

We pay and maintain
the solar, you buy
power from 8p / kWh